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catamaranWindsurfing really can be described as “your sport, your way”. As you pit your wits against the elements and win you can decide to join others to share the excitement and exhilaration or go it alone for peace and tranquillity. You can stay close to home or venture out and explore uncharted waters.

However you do it, whether you prefer ‘thrills and spills’ or peace and quiet, you will experience the pure bliss of gliding effortlessly over the clear waters of the Red Sea and being in touch with nature.

Join us at our Giftun Soul Surfer Center in the Giftun Azur Beach Resort and have a really outstanding time windsurfing the waters of the Red Sea. We use only the latest high-quality equipment from JP-Australia and NeilPryde Sails to make sure you get the best from our prevailing side shore wind.

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