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catamaranAt the Giftun Soul Surfer Center we love to share the excitement of windsurfing with children and young teens. We provide them with lightweight equipment and have devised special learners’ materials and techniques to guide them through the skills they need. They will find courses with us stimulating, rewarding and lots of fun.

Our instructors know how to provide the relaxed atmosphere and friendly environment where children and young teens learn best. They use their experience to speed up the learning process and help their students grow in confidence in their new sport.

The courses are based on the normal curriculum but the delivery and techniques are adapted to suit our younger guests.

Prices (Euros)
A. Sniff
3 hours
B. Basic
6 hours
C. Intensive
12 hours
D. Optimal
3 days / 1 week
180.00 to 290.00

A. Sniff
Our sniff course offers 3 hours of tuition in which one of our instructors will introduce the basics of the windsurfing. You will learn how to balance on the board, raise the rig, sail off and know what to do if you fall off!

B. Basic
In this beginner course you will learn to sail in various course directions with optimum body and rig-position, tack and simple jibe. The Course will include 5 hours of practical on the water and 1 hour theory. In the theory lesson, you will discover the rules and regulations regarding windsurfing also health and safety and codes of conduct. After this, you will need to take an exam in order to receive your international certificate. Your instructor will prepare you fully for the exam; the exam will take place on a personally agreed timeslot arranged by you and your instructor.

C. Intensive
In this course you will learn additional maneuver to the basic beginner course, like fast tack, fast jibe, beach-start and upwind sailing in middle/strong wind conditions. The aim of the course is to sail safely in middle wind conditions with progression to the fun-board. This course includes 11 hours practical and 1 hour theory.

D. Optimal
In this course you will have possibility to exercise at the beach for the day between the lessons, you will have the opportunity to practice everything you had learnt so far, it will also give you the chance to exercise at the water and to feel confident in windsurfing. Both the board and rig will be prepared for you, ready for your day of practice.

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